Only 100% natural rough and gems

Not heated, not treated, not synthetic

We know all the way of our gems

A wide range of cut and rough gems is available

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MOQ - 1 gem

Tanzanite - Brazil, India cut

Green Amethyst - Brazil, cut Thailand

Emeralds - Afghanistan (Panjshir)

Ametrine - Brazil, India cut

Garnet - Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka cut

Aquamarine (rare marine color) - India, India cut

Golden Topaz - Pakistan, India cut

Scapolite - Brazil, India cut

Always avaliable Olive Citrine, Quartz, Chalcedony, Rose Quartz, Quartz Rootai, Colored Sapphires, Tourmaline, Gold Stone, Honey Citrine etc.


Also Blue Sapphire, Sapphire padparadzha, Rubies, and gems of rare colors and sizes


All gems are 100% natural - IGI and GTL certificates on request