Only 100% natural rough and gems

Not heated, not treated, not synthetic

We know all the way of our gems

Roughngems, established since 1998 has been providing superior quality gemstones, cabochons, faceted stones and rough to jewellery designers for over 15 years. We source precious and semi-precious stones from India, Brazilia, Burma, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Africa, Thailand and beyond. We have had relationships with some of our suppliers since the beginning and take the quality and authenticity of our stones very seriously to ensure the best possible cut, clarity and colour.


Our control and exclusive access to the source of these precious gems means we can cherry pick the very best quality stones, and guarantee origin and authenticity for complete peace of mind.


Our company’s size and involvement in every step of the process from unearthing, to cutting, polishing and jewelry design, has allowed us to side-step the middle men and deliver high quality, ethical gemstones which are excellent value for money. We’re deeply passionate about precious stones and improving the conditions under which they’re mined and produced. So look no further to find exceptional quality, integrity and value for money


All gems in our collection are all high quality colored gemstones that remain untreated and completely natural.




In business for the long term. A one time sale has little meaning. Making lifetime customers is our goal. Our personal and corporate policy is to develop regular satisfied customers who choose to do their gem buying from AJS Gems. That's why we back up great stones of exceptional value with great service and a "100% Money-back No-Questions-Asked" guarantee.