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In the jewelry world, competition is fierce. Each dealer must struggle to find a successful marketing strategy. Price; quality; service; selection; All are important elements to your company image.Equally so is supply. Where will you get the colored gem stones that will give you the competitive edge or faceted gem stones loose and cuts that will set you apart from the rest


Do you need faceted gem loose stones? We have access to a variety of loose gem precious stones and loose gem precious semi stones, all cut and ready for setting such as briolette gem semi precious stone cut or checkerboard cut or any cut you would like.


Loose Gem Stones From Around the World!


Below is a list of faceted gem stones we can provide for your Custom gem stone jewelry designs or your wholesale gem stone jewelry business:


Amethyst - Brazil, India cut,

Citrine - Brazil, India cut,

Tanzania - Brazil, India cut,

Green Amethyst - Brazil, cut Thailand

Emeralds - Afghanistan (Panjshir)

Ametrine - Brazil, India cut,

Granate - Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka cut,

Aquamarine (rare marine color) - India, India cut,

Topaz (Golden Topaz) - Pakistan and India cut,

Scapolite - Brazil, India cut,

Olive Citrine - Sri Lanka, Thailand cut,

Quartz - Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka cut,

Chalcedony - Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka cut,

Pink Quartz - Brazil, Sri Lanka cut,

Quartz rootai - Brazil, Sri Lanka cut,

Colored sapphires - Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka cut,

Tourmaline - Brazil, India cut,

Gold stone - India, India cut,

Honey Citrine - Brazil, India cut,

Opal, Australia - cut India

Pearls - Japan, Australia

Alexandrite - Russia, Sri Lanka, India cut

Zircon - Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka cut

Agate - Indonesia, India cut

Rubies - Burma, Thailand cut

Spinel - Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka cut

Onyx - Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka cut

Nifrite - Burma, India cut

Kunzanit - Afghanistan, India cut

Malachite - Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka cut

Moonstone - Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka cut

Morganite - Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Sri Lanka cut

Black diamonds - India, India cut



We are also expert at the exquisite cabochon cut. This cut is critical for the optically active stones like opals, star gem stones, cat's eye gem stones, tiger eye gem stones and, of course, the sapphire.


Our selection of gem high quality stones includes a variety of Indian, Brazilian, African and Sri Lankan Stones.